On Tuesday 19th October 2021, BESTVIEW Laser brought in a renowned medical aesthetic engineer to give a lecture. To help everyone to have a better understanding of laser technology and the future development of the industry.


In the class, the engineer mainly explains the history of lasers and the future trends of the medical laser industry.

In the beginning, light is a broad spectrum, with wavelengths between 400nm and 1200nm which is the first to be discovered and used in the beauty industry. And it was the well known IPL hair removal machine.

The broad spectrum allows for a wide range of therapeutic benefits, such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, blemish removal, vascular treatment, acne treatment, etc.

However, this is where its disadvantages lie. The wide range of wavelengths results in uneven energy and unsatisfactory treatment results. What’s worse, it is accompanied by greater side effects.

With the advancement of technology, the wavelength range has been gradually shortened and controlled to between 690nm and 1200nm. Meanwhile, it can produce a continuous, uniform square wave. This square wave eliminates the energy peak that exceeds the treatment energy in the beginning and improves safety; Avoid this position treatment energy zone can’t be reached because of the subsequent pulse of decaying, improving clinical effectiveness.

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Then, this technology is OPT (optimal pulse technology) or SHR (Super Hair Removal). Opt  SHR IPL machine is a major leap forward in photo-rejuvenation technology and greatly expands the range of applications for IPL technology. Compared with traditional photo-rejuvenation technology, it offers superior efficacy and safety.

Subsequently, DPL (Delicate Pulse Light) is launched. The wavelength range was shorted to between 590nm and 620nm with a more targeted spectrum. When highly concentrated DPL precision light energy is directed at the skin, the light is selectively absorbed by oxygen and haemoglobin. The heat is transferred to the vessel wall, causing damage to the endothelium, which rapidly closes the dilated blood vessels. DPL effectively treats vascular diseases such as capillary dilation, acne red marks, facial flushing and bright red nevus, etc.

The engineer breaks down the professional technical principles and explains them together with real-life examples. Everyone at BESTVIEW Laser listened with great interest and gained a lot from the class.

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It is clear from this lesson that mankind’s exploration of lasers has moved from a broad spectrum to precision. Each wavelength of light has its own characteristics. Combined with advanced technology, a million sparks will collide. Humanity continues to explore the laser field to discover more and more unknown possibilities.

BESTVIEW Laser aspires to develop the laser to make it more controllable and safer. Searching for more uniform energy and better treatment results. Let lasers serve mankind better and make life better!