The picosure laser is now very popular globally, and it’s because it can solve many kinds of skin problems. For example, it can remove all types of tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner, freckles, etc. To know more applications, please visit the picosure laser machine page. 

picosure laser machine applications

Many spas or clinics can provide skin treatment services with the picosure laser machine. And the market demand is still rising, because people are always taking much more attention on their face.

A lot of people are willing to buy a medical laser machine from China. That’s because the machine price is reasonable, and the treatment effect is noticeable.

But before you buy a picosure laser machine, you should know the below tips to make a decision.

1. Is the supplier you are contacting a manufacturer?

As you know, the picosure laser machine is a professional medical laser machine. And its price isn’t that low as other machines. So how to ensure the machine quality with the best price? The answer is doing business directly with the manufacturer, so there will be no extra cost.

Bestview is a professional picosure laser machine manufacturer, and we have two plants in Zhengzhou city, one is in Shenzhen city. If you want to know more information about us, please turn to the About Us page, or contact us in the way you like.

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2. Do they manufacturer the whole machine or install the assemble and install the devices?

It is crucial if a supplier can manufacturer the core parts and other parts. It means they know more about the laser. They can give you the best support for the machine, rather than wait for their suppliers’ information. It’s the difference.

Our company Bestview has our R&D department, and we manufacture the core parts by ourselves. So we can control the core parts quality, and the machine’s overall quality is stable.

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picosure laser machine

3. Does the supplier have the R&D ability?

If the manufacturer has the R&D ability, it can update the machine from time to time. So the devices in your spas or clinics can always stay updated, your customers are more willing to try new treatments with the machines.

4. What about the machine’s internal structure?

The picosure laser machine will go through a long trip to arrive in your place, so the internal machine parts must be firm enough during transportation.

All of our machines have passed strict bump test before the production, so the internal structure is firm enough in transportation, please don’t worry about this.

We know there will be many other questions you will think about before a purchase is made. Therefore, please feel free to contact us; our sales engineer will get back to you within 24 hours.

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