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How Many Years Do HIFU Facial Treatment Results Last?

The ultrasonic HIFU Facial is the most advanced anti-ageing and skin-tightening device available. Using ultrasound as the energy source, the HIFU technology can reach the SMAS (facial layer), which can only be reached by facelift [...]

2023-03-24T10:55:14+08:00March 24th, 2023|Company News, Skin Rejuvenation System|1 Comment

The Best Long Pulsed Nd. yag 1064nm Laser For Hair Removal, Vascular Lesions

Hair removal has been a constant topic since ancient times. With the change in technology, there are many different ways to remove hair, such as shaving, waxing, clipping, plucking, mechanical depilation, radiation, electrolysis, surgical excision, [...]

Do You Really Know The Gold RF Microneedling Traetment, Cost, Result?

When you look closely at the side of your face in the mirror, you will see some small lines. Crow's feet, in particular, begin to develop from the age of about 20. Slowly lines appear [...]

2022-12-08T11:12:19+08:00December 8th, 2022|Company News, Skin Rejuvenation System|3 Comments

CO2 Laser Treatment Near Me: Contraindications, Take Care, Side Effects

Generally speaking, CO2 laser treatment is possible for anyone with normal skin and no wounds or scabs. However, in special groups such as those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not recommended. Therefore, it [...]

The Newest Guide To Fractional laser: Type, Treatment, Applications

The fractional laser is the most commonly used instrument in clinical aesthetic medicine. In addition to treating burn scars and trauma scars, it is also very effective for blemish removal and facial rejuvenation. However, many [...]

It Is Time To Contour Your Face And Body

More and more people have wrinkles on their faces, and with the loss of time, that is the mark left by time on your face. Some people even have an unwanted sagging face, such as [...]

2022-10-11T13:50:56+08:00October 11th, 2022|Company News, Skin Rejuvenation System|0 Comments

What is Gold Standard CO2 Laser Gyn For Women Diseases Treatment?

The fractional CO2 laser is the gold standard for non-surgical skin resurfacing treatment, especially gynecology treatment, helping most women regain their vitality. Let’s know more about the gold standard co2 laser gyn. fractional CO2 [...]

How to buy a non-surgical Body Sculpting Machine in 2022?

Non-surgical body sculpting is done to make people look and feel thinner and healthier or to achieve a specific shape. When diet and exercise aren't working, people start to turn to the appropriate medical equipment. [...]

How to buy a best laser hair removal 808nm in 2022?

Laser hair removal is the most effective, safe and popular method of hair removal. And laser hair removal 808nm is internationally recognised as the gold standard in Permanent Hair Removal. 808nm diode laser hair [...]

10 Tips: Laser Treatment for Pigmentation You Must Know

Laser treatments are a popular option for pigmentation disorders. There are many laser treatment techniques and laser machines on the market, and most people have questions about how to choose a suitable device for Laser [...]

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