In any country, people think that having body hair is not sexy, nor is it unconventional in the aesthetics of ordinary society. Although there are different aesthetics in the world, a little fluff can make you cute, but we have never heard of women’s body hair increasing their attractiveness.

On the contrary, it will only make people look uncomfortable when wearing clothes in summer, especially for women with strong body hair. Therefore, most people want to remove some of it, whether it is a man or a woman.

However, according to many marketing claims, no hair removal treatment can get rid of hair permanently. The ways to get rid of hair just for a short time. So, we will share with you the most effective hair removal machine- The diode laser hair removal machine. Why do we recommend the diode laser hair removal machine?

In this article, we will introduce you through the following aspects. Now, please follow the steps below to learn more about it.

Machine Working THEORY

Laser hair removal is a longer-term hair removal way, it works by matching specific wavelengths of light and pulse duration to a specific target, namely the melanin in a hair follicle whilst avoiding the surrounding tissue area. Melanin is the naturally occurring pigment in our skin and hair associated with color.

The key to successful diode laser hair removal is the deliverance of high energy into the skin. The energy is selectively absorbed by the melanin surrounding the hair follicle whilst not impacting the surrounding tissue.

Diode lasers use a single wavelength of light that has a high abruption rate in melanin. As the melanin heats up it destroys the root and blood flow to the follicle disabling the hair growth permanently.

diode laser hair removal machine

As the professional medical beauty equipment supplier, BESTVIEW has decades-long experience in the laser industry since 2001, providing high-quality laser hair removal machines such as 1200W 808nm, 808nm, and Portable 3 Wavelength, which makes the treatment a comfortable, pain-free experience for people.

1200W 808nm diode laser hair removal machine
three wavelength diode laser machine

Machine Application

The spot size, power, and technical specifications of a diode laser hair machine can be easily used on all skin types.

diode laser hair removal machine
diode laser hair removal machine

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Features

  • High output power 1200W, provide sufficient and stable energy to achieve better treatment effect.
  • Best quality “USA-COHERENT” imported laser generator.
  • Italy imported a high-pressure water pump.
  • 12 best-quality laser bars imported from “USA-COHERENT”.
  • Equipped with a special Skin Cooling Plate, it can cool down in time to bring customers a comfortable treatment experience.
  • Big spot size 30mm*30mm for fast hair removal of all hair colors and skin types.
  • Painless and Permanent result.
  • Three wavelengths integrated into the same equipment-755nm, 808nm, 1064nm. 
  • 15mm*15mm or 20mm*20mmspot size, you can choose them according to your needs.
  • The laser generator fire up to50 a million shots guaranteed.
  • Since the laser can penetrate directly into hair follicles, energy loss can be prevented.
  • Intelligent software mode (with pre-programmed parameters) and advanced mode available.
  • The first and only manufacturer that has “Medical CE Certificate”

Machine Warranty

All products have passed the test before sale. The guarantee of free repair will start from the order date.  And during that maintenance period, we will provide replacements free of charge for non-artificial factors breakdowns. But please note, the warranty is not available for accessories. Therefore, please contact us if you need them.