When you look closely at the side of your face in the mirror, you will see some small lines. Crow’s feet, in particular, begin to develop from the age of about 20. Slowly lines appear on the head, chin, lips, etc. You start to seek help from medical aesthetics and gold RF micro-needling is one of the options.

RF Microneedle treatment

RF Microneedle treatment

What microneedle rf can do?

RF microneedling is one of the hottest aesthetic devices on the market today. It has a wide range of applications, for example:

  • Wrinkles: Crow’s feet, Headlines, Normal lines, Necklines
  • Facial Rejuvenation Firming & Lifting
  • Stretch marks Swelling lines
  • Enlarged pores
  • Dullness of skin texture
  • Redness
  • Skin Whitening
  • Acne Scars
  • Depressed scars
  • Regular Skin Maintenance

Why gold microcrystals are so highly regarded?

  • A new treatment option that doubles the effect:

Combining RF skin tightening technology and microdermabrasion technology to break away from the singularity of traditional treatments. It can emit RF energy directly in the dermis. At the same time, the depth of microcrystalline penetration and the amount of RF energy can be adjusted according to the different degrees of adaptation, doubling the therapeutic effect.

  • No crusting, no discolouration, perfect results:

Gold microcrystals use a uniquely designed insulating microcrystal to avoid irritating the epidermis, and the crystal tip reaches the depth of treatment to release energy. No thermal damage to epidermal tissues, and no adverse effects such as crusting and discolouration after surgery.

  • Effective results that last 3 to 6 years:

Precise targeting of tissues at different depths, intelligent real-time impedance monitoring of different symptoms such as wrinkles, sagging, acne and scars. Personalized settings can also be made to quickly restore the skin to a youthful and healthy state. The longer the time, the better the results, with a single treatment lasting 3-6 years.

RF microneedling before and after:

rf microneedling

rf microneedling

microneedle rf

microneedle rf

What is Gold microneedling RF?

Gold RF microcrystals near me combine microcrystalline technology with RF technology to boost skin metabolism and achieve skin-nourishing beauty effects. “Gold” is derived from the gold coating of the microcrystalline crystals, the outer coating of which is also gold.

During the treatment, the doctor adjusts the depth of penetration of the microcrystals and the RF energy according to the skin problem and the area to be treated. Dozens of insulating microcrystals simultaneously and rapidly penetrate the epidermis under the control of an electronic system. After emitting RF energy from the microcrystalline tip, followed by a rapid exit.

This cycle is repeated until the treatment is complete. Finally, apply the beauty ingredients.

Does Rf microneedling work?

The mechanical stimulation of the microcrystals, combined with the biological and thermal stimulation produced by the radiofrequency, combine to stimulate the skin’s self-healing system. In turn, it promotes metabolism, improves microcirculation and stimulates the renewal and reorganization of collagen. And Microcrystals open up fast absorption channels in the skin, facilitating the entry of cosmetic ingredients into the skin.

rf microneedling near me

rf microneedling near me

Firstly, Fractional Physical Microdermabrasion, skin tightening and lifting  – Breaks through the epidermal barrier and targets the deeper layers with precision.

Secondly, High-energy RF, fuller and wrinkle-free: RF energy stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, resulting in plumper, hydrated, Q-tipped and wrinkle-free skin.

Finally, Transdermal multi-drug delivery, brightening and rejuvenation: personalized therapeutic drug delivery along the channels created by the microcrystals for better results.

RF microneedling vs fractional laser:

  • RF crystal heads are formed by the physical properties of the crystal head depth, the heating and the solidification field.
  • Gold RF microdermabrasion with precision adjustment of the target depth and the energy required.
  • The laser is easily scattered, and it is difficult to reach the depth of the target (target 2 mm). Moreover, the energy absorbed by the tissues within the skin cannot be correctly predicted and side effects such as hormonal disorders often occur.
  • The fractional laser acts through epidermal heating and has a long resting time and is difficult to sedate.
  • Fractional laser treatment is mandatory for 3 to 5 sessions, while RF-Needle is 1 to 3 sessions depending on the situation.

How much does rf microneedling cost?

BVlaser is a professional supplier and manufacturer of medical aesthetic equipment with over 10 years of experience in research and development. Currently, bvlaser is launching a new microneedle with rf machine. It has been upgraded from the original in a number of ways:

  • Equipped with an ice hammer that constricts blood vessels and produces tightening of pores, with great scope for improving enlarged pores.
  • Four types of insulated probes 10p, 25p, 64p and nano are available to meet your multi-site treatment needs.
  • Manual mode and automatic mode are available, with a negative pressure sensor for automatic needle discharge, and high safety.
  • There are no adverse reactions such as crusting or discolouration after the procedure. Safer, longer lasting and faster. The results are perfect.

If you are interested in the machine and want to rf microneedling costs, please Contact Us ASAP.