As time passes, the demand for removing tattoos is stronger and stronger. However, there are many tattoo removal laser machines in the market. How to choose the best one? Read this passage, you will find out the answer.

laser tattoo removal

laser tattoo removal

How many tattoo removal laser machines?

In the market, there are two kinds of laser tattoo removal machines: Q-switch ND.YAG laser machine and Picosecond laser machine.

Q-switch ND.YAG laser machine:

The Special Wavelength of 532nm/ 1064nm YAG laser can penetrate the skin of the human body according to the theory and practice of “Selective Laser Decomposing”, the instrument uses the laser wave to break Chromatophoreinto pieces which can be naturally absorbed by the body. So that it achieves the purpose of defrocking.

Portable laser tattoo removal machine

The 1064nm wavelength will shatter and remove the black and blue pigments while the 532nm wavelength will shatter and remove red, pink, purple, and brown pigments of the tattoo or other pigmentation without damaging the normal tissue.

Picosecond laser machine

Picosecond laser uses very short pulse output mode, instead of thermal effect, by the principle of a light mechanical shock wave, pigment is “shattered” into finely granular via focused energy, which are more likely to be absorbed by the body’s metabolism.

super picosecond laser machine

Picosecond laser will be to minimize the side effects of thermal effect, can achieve the goal of almost solving all kinds of pigment spots, and is better than traditional laser spot whitening effect.

The picosecond laser machine is better than Q-switch ND.YAG laser machine in removing tattoo treatment. A picosecond laser tattoo removal machine is the Best Tattoo Removal Way.


  • Pico Laser with ultra-short pulse duration and high power will break pigmentation into powder in a moment but Nano Laser into small granules.
  • Picosure treatment removes pigment fragments faster, and more effectively, with fewer treatment sessions.
  • Removing pigment fragments is much safer, with less risk of side effects.

How to buy a picosecond laser machine?

Picosure laser is a pigment laser that operates in ultrashort picosecond laser pulses. Instead of nanosecond pulses in regular Q-switched lasers, the pico laser’s picosecond pulses enable it to carry less photo-thermal effect and a higher photoacoustic effect.

So, with a shorter pulse width, pico lasers are able to have better treatment. At present, 500PS short pulse width is the best suitable pulse width for the picosure laser machine.

Picosecond laser before and after

The results of this treatment will appear gradually as your skin’s natural regenerative abilities. For most patients, results are first visible about 2 or 3 weeks after the first appointment. Your results will continue to improve until your last treatment, or until optimal results have been achieved.

picosure laser machine


Perfect after-sales service system

In the market, few companies can independently develop and produce picosure laser machines. If the machine is damaged, they can not provide technical support and after-sales service in time.

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What is the picosecond laser price?

BESTVIEW can provide a high-quality and low-cost picosure laser machine.

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