If you want to go to open a beauty store, how can you lack a laser hair removal machine? A good laser hair removal device is essential. However, there are many kinds of laser hair removal near me, such as opt shr laser, 808 nm hair removal instruments, etc.

shr vs diode laser

shr vs diode laser

How to choose a suitable hair removal machine?

When picking a hair removal machine, we should choose one according to the actual needs of the customer. If you want a more dedicated and effective hair removal machine, you can choose the Diode laser hair removal instrument. If you want more functions, you can choose to opt hair removal instrument, which also has the function of photonic skin rejuvenation.

Apart from that, a good hair removal device is influenced by a number of factors. The more the equipment meets these factors, the better the hair removal results.

1. Laser wavelength

Currently, the hair removal machine near me on the market uses laser wavelengths between 694 nm and 1200 nm. Such as OPT IPL, 755 nm Long Pulsed Alexandrite Laser, 808 nm Diode laser hair removal, etc

These wavelengths of the laser are well absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. At the same time, it ensures its penetration to the depth of the hair follicle for better hair removal results.

Research has found that the 808 nm wavelength laser has better hair removal results than other wavelength lasers. Therefore, the 808 nm wavelength laser is called the “gold standard wavelength” for laser hair removal.

2. Energy output

The level of output energy of the hair removal instrument is an important indicator of the effectiveness of hair removal. The higher the laser output energy, the better and more obvious the hair removal.

Therefore, when we are picking a hair removal instrument, it is important to understand clearly how much output energy the instrument has. Try to pick the one with greater output energy.

3. Comfortable

Ice comfort, safety and painlessness are the direct manifestations of customer comfort. Higher customer comfort can bring better customer adhesion and word-of-mouth communication.

4. Laser lifetime

The longevity of the hair removal instrument laser has a significant relationship with the profitability of the salon hair removal program.

Most of the common lasers on the market today stay within 100,000 rounds of light output. When you run out of 100,000 shots, your hair removal instrument will not be able to output energy, and there will be no hair removal effect.

So when we are picking a hair removal laser near me, we have to pick the one with a long laser life. If the effective light output of the laser can reach several million rounds, then such an instrument is worth buying.

Hair removal instruments that last longer have a higher return on investment.

laser hair removal machine

1200w diode laser

How to choose the right hair removal instrument supplier?

To choose a professional and competent hair removal instrument supplier or manufacturer, we recommend BESTVIEW.

808 hair removal instruments from BESTVIEW, with a sapphire hair removal handle and a good cooling effect. The temperature can be maintained at around 0℃ all the time, which really achieves freezing point hair removal with a strong experience.

1200W high power, stronger output energy, better hair removal effect, and complete hair removal in only 3 times.

The laser is imported USA-COHERENT brand, the effective number of light reached 50 million shots, longer life and better quality.

At the same time, the use of a micro-channel cooling system can be used for a long time without worrying about the instrument overheating.

Besides, the hair removal laser machine from BESTVIEW has received FDA approval, CE certification, etc. Products are safe and reliable, you can rest assured that the purchase.