Laser technology was born in the middle of the last century and is one of the most important scientific and technological achievements in the world. Because of its special performance, it has been widely used in various fields such as industry, medical treatment, commerce, scientific research, information, and military since its birth. With the increasing demand of medical cosmetology worldwide, the field of medical cosmetology is gradually playing a pivotal role in the application of laser technology.

The laser is a kind of artificial special light, it is the same as general light, sunlight is an electromagnetic wave, but their production mechanism is different. It is the “excited” light emitted by atoms in the working matter, and all the rays in its beam have the characteristics of high monochromatism, high directivity, high brightness, and high density, etc.

In the field of medical beauty, the main application of selective absorption of light, the light effect, photochemical effect, light treatment such as blasting effect mechanism, to quickly solve the problem of human existing skin safely includes dealing with skin disease, improve skin condition, delay the aging of the skin, and targeted therapy of skin pigmentation, acne, red blood silk, the problem such as aging, tattoo, scar, hair removal, achieve beautiful white tender skin, improve skin quality, such as anti-aging effect.

At present, the application of laser in the field of medical beauty is mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

Laser Hair Removal

A laser beam with a specific wavelength will penetrate the skin surface to the hair follicle, the hair follicle has a large number of melanins, through the selective absorption of a large amount of energy and into heat, so that the hair follicle is damaged, unable to grow hair, to achieve permanent hair removal effect. Because the skin absorbs relatively little or no energy, and because the head of laser hair removal has a protective cooling device, there is no damage to the surrounding tissue, and hair removal can provide a comfortable treatment experience. Laser hair removal is the safest, fastest, and most lasting hair removal method.

The third band is the most popular hair removal product among customers. It has three bands that can meet the treatment needs of various customers. 808nm is suitable for all kinds of hair and skin types, 755nm is suitable for light color hair of the epidermal layer, such as upper lip, eyebrow, etc., and 1064nm is suitable for the deepest color hair, such as armpit, scalp, leg, etc.

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To Treat All Kinds Of Pigment Spots

The laser emits high-intensity energy, and different wavelengths of light are focused on the spots, which will be absorbed by the spots of different colors on the skin. Within a short period, the spots will heat up rapidly, explode into powder or small particles, and then be devoured by the body’s immune cells and discharged out of the body. The spots will also disappear or become lighter in color. Because of the selective absorption of light, it only ACTS on certain patches of color and causes little or no damage to the surrounding normal skin. The laser has become one of the important means to improve pigmentation.

As the latest technology of tattoo treatment, picosecond laser can emit picosecond pulse (1 picosecond =0.001 nanosecond) with super high energy, which can make the spot burst instantly. At present, most of the laser equipment used in medical cosmetology is nanosecond. Picosecond can find the color spot more accurately and crush pigment particles more thoroughly, while the normal skin is intact. Tattoos, sunburns, coffee freckles, wine tank noses, large oil fields, and insurmountable chloasma are also effective.

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Treatment Of Various Vascular Diseases

The high-frequency laser generates 30MHz UHF electromagnetic oscillation that penetrates the skin and reaches the blood vessels. The hemoglobin in the laser absorbs a large amount of energy, solidifies, blocks the capillaries and shrinks them, and then is absorbed by the immune tissue and discharged out of the body. At the same time, it can stimulate the growth of collagen in the dermis, increase the thickness and density of the epidermis, so that small blood vessels are no longer exposed at the same time, so that the elasticity and resistance of the skin are also significantly enhanced.

980nm diode laser machine treatment of vascular dilatation is very safe and comfortable. It solves skin problems by non-invasive treatment in a state without anesthesia. It is safe and painless during treatment. The wavelength of 980nm is often used to treat vascular diseases such as red blood silk, facial vein relaxation, spidery vascular disease, etc.

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 Remove Wrinkles And Tender Skin

The main causes of wrinkles are reduced collagen in the skin and thinner dermis. The specific laser wavelength can through the skin melanin, hemoglobin, especially the water absorption of energy release of the laser, and generate heat effect is converted into heat, to activate dermal into fiber cells and stromal cells to produce new collagen and elastin protein and a variety of cell-matrix, and organization reconstruction, like exercise, is for lazy skin, make its jazzing-up through exercise and youthful energy. After several treatments, the skin’s moisture content and elasticity increased, its texture improved, fine wrinkles reduced, and the skin returned to its youthful state.

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Compared with traditional treatments, laser cosmetology has many advantages:

1) Significant therapeutic effect. After one or two sessions, most people will see a noticeable effect and it will last for a long time.

2) Strong pertinence. The laser mainly ACTS on the target cells, directly starting from the root of the skin problem and improving the skin condition.

3) High security. The laser does not harm other tissues than the target cells and does not cause other skin problems.

4) Simple operation. No surgery is needed, no trauma is caused, and operators can be trained to work normally.