When the couple is in love, they always do some impulsive moves, such as a tattoo. They believe that tattoo represents their vow of love and is a unique symbol belonging to each other. However, as time goes by, especially after their relationship broke up, they feel the tattoo is very eye-catching and want to remove it.

With the development of technology, laser tattoo removal is very safe and convenient. Now, it’s time to remove the tattoo!

Tattoo laser removal machine

The laser emitted by the system has a strong penetration ability which allows it to reach the deep layer of the dermis. The pigment particles absorb the light energy and explode sharply, burst into tiny pieces, thus diminish the color density and get rid of it.

So the appliance can effectively do away with mutant pigmentation and vascular tissue based on undamaged ambient tissue. This is called the “Selective heat absorption principle” in the medical field.

Portable laser tattoo removal machine

This portable laser tattoo removal machine can radiate the light (Q-switched laser) with a specific wavelength in high peak energy pulses, hence the light penetrates into the tissue only for a nanosecond. The light is absorbed by the pigmentation and results in an instantaneous blast.

The pigmentation particles are shattered into fragments, some can be bounced out of the skin and others can be split into tiny particles that can be engulfed by phagocytes and then eliminated by the lymphatic system.

The treatment of a portable laser tattoo removal machine is powerful enough to address challenging skin imperfections, hyperpigmentation, and multi-colored tattoos, while gentle enough to treat the most delicate areas of the face, neck, and decollete.

Portable laser tattoo removal machine
Portable laser tattoo removal machine

Picosure laser machine

Picosure laser machine, the first and leading choice for comfortable and convenient tattoo removal and skin revitalization treatments for wrinkles, acne scars, and pigments like freckles, sunspots, and discoloration.

picosure laser machine 3
picosure laser machine 2

Picosure laser machine is the first of a new generation of aesthetic lasers that don’t rely solely on heat to burn or melt away unwanted tattoo ink or melanin, the pigment that causes dark spots in your skin.

Instead, the engineers used cutting-edge physics and medical science to help practitioners treat patients in a new way. Instead of building up heat, Picosure delivers energy so rapidly (in trillionths of a second) that tiny particles that make up the pigment and tattoo ink vibrate and shatter, without burning surrounding tissue. Less heat means less tissue damage and discomfort.

Picosure laser vs Q-switched laser

Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser is one type of laser that releases light beams in pulses per nanosecond. When focused on a targeted area of the skin, the beams work to destroy the overproduced pigments into smaller particles. These particles are then absorbed by the body and released by the immune system as waste. This type of laser is highly recommended for pigmentation removal in picosure pulses (10 times faster than nanosecond laser).

picosure laser machine

Tattoo removal machine price

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