As we get older and more stressed, skin problems come to the fore. Wrinkles, freckles, sun spots, acne, enlarged pores and even ugly tattoos. Although they are harmless, they affect our beauty and mood. More and more people are eager to get rid of them. Pico laser treatment is the best solution available.

pico laser treatment near me

pico laser treatment near me

What is Pico Laser Treatment?

The picosecond laser is one of the more advanced laser treatments available for skin conditions. A pico laser is a laser with a very short duration of action, one picosecond is equivalent to 10 trillionths of a second. So, the treatment and removal of lesions in such a short period of time do not produce a thermal effect at the same time. Of course, there is no damage to the normal tissue surrounding the lesion.

Therefore, this pico laser treatment is much safer than the regular laser. Moreover, its therapeutic effect is the same as that of a regular laser. The picosecond laser treatment is somewhat advanced.

Does the Pico laser work?

Picosecond laser is a new energy source for the treatment of skin diseases. With an ultra-short pulse width of picosecond (≤10ps), it was approved by the US FDA in 2012 for the treatment of skin diseases.

Unlike conventional selective photothermal action, the immediate action of the picosecond laser is photomechanical. When the picosecond laser is applied to the target cells, it produces a “mechanical wave” on the target base. The instantaneous high energy of the wave causes the cells to vaporize, and the pigment particles in the cells are shattered into dust. Afterwards, it is safely eliminated from the body with normal body metabolism.

Also, due to its short pulse width, damage to the surrounding tissue is reduced and the risk of stimulating melanin regeneration is significantly lower.

What can Pico laser be used to treat?

Picosecond laser technology is a non-surgical, non-invasive laser technology that delivers ultra-short pulses for whitening and spot removal.
Picosecond can solve almost all kinds of pigmentation spots, such as freckles, age spots, coffee spots, brown spots on the cheek, nevus of Ota, sun spots, eyebrow tattoos, etc. And it’s the gold standard for the treatment of intractable tattoos.

The pico laser breaks down pigment particles more thoroughly, with better results, fewer treatments and fewer adverse effects. Compared with other treatment methods, the pico laser treatment is more thorough and efficient, with a low recurrence rate and a low probability of returning to black.

In addition, the fractional pattern of the picosecond pulse width laser produces small shock waves in the skin. This activates the skin’s own repair mechanisms, causing the skin to produce new collagen for a whitening and rejuvenating treatment.

Pico laser for skin discolouration:

As we age, our faces gradually crawl with a variety of spots, such as birthmarks, melasma and age spots. Although harmless, they can still be a cause for concern for both men and women. To get rid of discolouration once and for all, it can be difficult to remove with traditional treatments. With the advent of the picosecond laser, perhaps this problem can be effectively solved.

Picosecond laser technology is one of the most advanced laser technologies available. Using an ultra-short pulse width it can instantly blast pigmented tissue into powder, minimizing inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Furthermore, the doctor can target specific areas and small skin particles for more precise treatment. What’s more, the picosecond laser can produce different wavelengths to remove both superficial and dermal pigments

The picosecond laser can solve almost all kinds of pigmentation spots, such as freckles, age spots, coffee spots, brown spots on cheekbones, nevus of Ota, sun spots, etc. And, there are better prospects for the treatment of melasma.

Pico laser for tattoo removal:

Micro laser treatment can also be used to remove unwanted tattoos from any part of the body. Conventional lasers are unable to remove dark pigment particles such as red and green, which directly results in tattoos not being removed. The picosecond laser is more effective in removing dark pigment particles.

In colored tattoos, the ultra-short pulse sequence can shatter colored tattoo ink more effectively. Due to higher peak power and a more substantial photoacoustic effect than a single mode. The
double pulse mode in 585nm laser & 650nm laser applicators will yield more effective,
treatment and fewer treatment sessions.

Pico laser for acne scarring:

For dullness, pimples, acne, pimple marks, enlarged pores, moles, dark circles and other skin problems, the picosecond laser also has excellent treatment results. To remove acne marks, acne, it has high safety, less invasive and obvious results.

  • High safety: Using ultra-short pulses that act directly on the skin area to burst and break up the subcutaneous pigment particles. It is gradually discharged from the body with the body’s metabolism to remove acne marks. A relatively effective treatment and relatively safe.
  • Less invasive: The ultra-short pulse width, precise targeting of the target cells, short operation time and generally no damage to the surrounding skin tissue. However, there may be slight sexual redness and swelling, which is normal and will recover better with good care.
  • Significant effect: The acne marks can be gradually eliminated after the ultra picosecond treatment. It also encourages protein restructuring and rebuilding, restoring the skin to a smooth state. However, the number of treatments may vary depending on the condition of the acne scarring.

Laser treatment before and after:

skin discoloration

skin discoloration

laser tattoo removal

laser tattoo removal

acne scarring treatment

acne scarring treatment

How to care for my skin after laser treatment?

It is essential to take care of your skin during the recovery period after the pico laser treatment and keep it dry for a short period of time to avoid infection. Eat a light diet with no spicy foods. At the same time, protect your skin from the sun, for example by using an umbrella when you go out.

What are the benefits of the Pico laser?

Compared with the Q-switch laser, the pico laser from BESTVIEW has many advantages:

  • Quick Bursts of Energy: The PicoSure laser can deliver laser energy in picoseconds or one trillionth of a second. Delivering energy in short pulses allows this laser to treat your unwanted tattoos, acne scars and other problems without burning the surrounding tissue in your target area.
  • For deeper skin: The Q-switched laser is prone to burns or hyperpigmentation when treating deeper skin types. In contrast, the advanced PicoSure laser can safely treat a wide range of skin types.
  • Melasma: Stubborn melasma is active and easily pigmented, so its treatment has always been a world problem.

Are you Ready to try a Pico laser treatment?

The advent of picosecond laser technology is a major breakthrough in solving skin problems. The ultra-short pulses remove pigmented tissue quickly and precisely into the skin’s dermis without causing damage to the surrounding skin tissue. Picosecond laser treatments can safely and effectively solve human skin problems with little to no side effects or downtime.

If you are interested in the super picosecond laser and pico laser treatment price, please Contact our teams, who will provide you with more information and services.