In addition to a fair complexion, the cleanliness of the skin is also quite important. A blemish-free face is what you call truly fair and truly good skin. But as we age, UV damage accumulates and spots on the face become more and more common. Removing blemishes is the last obstacle that almost every woman can’t escape from seeking beauty.
picosure nd-yag laser
There are many laser freckle machines on the market, picosecond lasers, nd.YAG lasers or Picosure nd.YAG Laser. However, there are many spots on the face, such as brownish moles, freckles and melasma, which one to choose for treatment?

Working Theory for Picosure nd.YAG Laser

Through the selective photothermal action of the laser, the pigment masses in the skin are targeted and “broken up”, turning them into tiny pigment particles. Eventually, they are eliminated through the body’s metabolism. The spots will then fade, and with a few more sessions, they will “disappear”.
In terms of the principle of spot removal alone, the Picosure laser is similar to other lasers. However, the pulse width of the picosecond laser is much shorter, reaching the picosecond level to produce photo-mechanical effects. And the nd.YAG lasers are in the nanosecond class (1 second = 1 billion nanoseconds = 10,000 billion picoseconds).
Pico laser
A shorter pulse width means that the laser energy can be released in a shorter period of time and the pigment can be broken up more completely. At the same time, the less damage is done to the surrounding normal tissue, the less likely it is that side effects such as crusting and discolouration will occur.

Is Picosure Laser Better Than nd.YAG Laser?

Firstly, the Picosure laser has a shorter pulse width and is approximately 10 times faster than a nanosecond laser!
  • Pico Laser with the ultra-short pulse duration and high power will break pigmentation into powder in a moment but Nano Laser into the small granules.
  • PicoLaser removes pigment fragments faster, more effective, fewer treatment sessions.
  • Pico Laser removing pigment fragments is much safer, with less risk of side effects.
Secondly, the wavelength of the laser is more selective. Different coloured pigment masses can absorb different wavelengths of the laser.
  • 1064nm for black tattoos, sun spots, coffee spots, chloasma, skin rejuvenation;
  • 532nm for tattoo red, brown, yellow, Ota, freckles, port wine stains.
  • 660nm (green tattoos removal);
    585nm (blue and purple tattoos removal);
  • Fractional probe (treatment of large pores, acne marks)
Nd.yag laser machine

Advantages and Disadvantages of Picosure nd.YAG Laser

1. Advantages of nd.YAG laser:

  • The wavelength of 694nm is almost the most efficient for melanin absorption and the more destruction of melanocytes.
2. Disadvantages of nd.YAG laser:
  • The heat not only destroys melanocytes and melanin granules but also other normal cells.
  • The postoperative period may be longer, depending on the individual.

3. Advantages of Picosure laser:

  • Light post-operative reactions, fast recovery, relatively Q-regulation without damage and destruction to normal cells.
  • The whitening effect is visible and extremely efficient in destroying melanin particles and, crucially, deeper melanin particles.
 4. Disadvantages of  Picosecond laser:
  • It is not instantaneous, but the skin becomes better and better with time cycles. The theoretical recommendation is 1 month, in practice, it has been found that 1 time at 3 months interval gives the best results.
  • Because of the focus on breaking down melanin particles, 90% of the energy is used almost exclusively to break down melanin particles. The melanocytes are still present, so the discolouration will still slowly surface after a few years.

YAG laser

However, regardless of any laser, the amount of energy to be hit is something that needs to be considered by the doctor in many ways. He needs to determine whether your spots are epidermal or dermal, what your skin barrier is, whether just laser shots are good or with internal medication, etc. These are key to the effectiveness of the treatment.

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