Project Description

Cavitation Radiofrequency Vacuum Body Slimming Machine 

1. Long service life, quick return
2. Suitable for all skin types and body parts (facial and body)
3. One machine with three technologies: Cavitation, Radiofrequency, Vacuum
4. Different models optional meet your various treatment needs

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Ultrasonic Cavitation:

Strong sound wave explosion fat head about 40,000 Hz will be emitted into the human body causing friction motion between fat cells. It may be lead to the effective consumption of calories and moisture in fat cells and then the reduction of their size. Besides, sound wave vibration may cause the fierce impact of fat cells to make them be exploded instantaneously, reduce the number of fat cells, and thereby achieve the effects of removing fat.

Radio Frequency or RF:

This technology applies electromagnetic energy in the deep dermis from the skin surface in a selective way in order to fight against flaccidity and cellulite. This process is slower depending on each case on the state of the collagen. In some cases, there have been important changes in collagen remodeling from the sixth week.


This technology improves skin status. Vacuum stretches the fibrillar connective tissue, breaking subcutaneous fat effectively. It promotes metabolism and reduces the size of fat.

Cavitation Radiofrequency Vacuum Body Slimming Machine

Cavitation Radiofrequency Vacuum Features

1. Don’t need surgery or anesthesia.

2. Don’t cause skin irregularities.

3. Don’t cause bleeding nor swelling.

4. No side effects and no risk to gain weight again, the results are obvious.

5. Non-invasive, it does not affect the client’s lifestyle.

6. Cavitation, RF, Vacuum, three technologies in one

7. Six treatment handpieces optional:

  • Handpiece tripolar RF
  • Handpiece multipolar RF
  • Handpiece monopolar RF: 3.0cm diameter
  • Cavitation handpiece: 4.5cm diameter
  • Vacuum handpiece: 4.0cm diameter
  • Return plate

Cavitation Radiofrequency Vacuum Applications

  • Apply for all body parts, such as legs, waist, arm, etc
  • Skin rejuvenation, restore body elasticity
  • Shape the body’s S-shaped curve to enhance your temperament
Cavitation Radiofrequency Vacuum Body Slimming Machine

Cavitation Radiofrequency Vacuum Parameters

Product name Cavitation machine BM-188
Display 8″ color touch screen
Output power 500W
Technology Cavitation + Radiofrequency + Vacuum
Frequency of Cavitation 40KHZ
Monopolar RF 5MHZ
Tripolar RF 5MHZ
Multipolar RF 5MHZ
Pressure of Vacuum 1000Kpa
Handpieces 5 pieces
Voltage AC220V/110V, 50/60HZ
Package size 55*48*58cm
Package weight 13kg

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