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ipl shr machineipl shr machine
IPL SHR OPT Hair RemovalIPL SHR OPT Hair Removal

IPL SHR OPT  Permanent Hair Removal  Machine

  1. High frequency: 10HZ
  2. Lamp shots: 400000 ~500000 shots
  3. Big treatment size: 15*50mm
  4. Optimal Pulse Technology
  5. Five filters: 480nm, 530nm, 590nm, 640nm and 690nm optional
  6. No pain and downtime

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IPL SHR hair removal machine

Short for Super Hair Removal, SHR is the updated version of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), with faster efficacy and more working manners in virtue of Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT), which are based on the Selective Light Absorption principle. 

Besides, IPL SHR OPT Machine gradually heats the dermis to a temperature that is able to effectively damage hair follicles and also prevent re-growth of the hair follicles, while very importantly avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.

IPL SHR hair removal machine

The cooling system can make sure that treatment more safe and painless. It would be fair to say that you will require at least 4 -6 treatments, one month apart, to obtain the best results.

High-quality rectangular light waves, perfect pulse technology

  • Safety: Elimination of the energy spike at the start of the pulse
  • Effectiveness: Eliminating end-of-pulse energy decay and improving clinical efficacy
  • Uniformity: Uniform “square waves” are evenly distributed; Consistent energy for each sub-pulse; Ensure repeatable and controllable treatment
rectangular light waves

rectangular light waves

Micro-pulse technology:

  • A single pulse with a number of micro-pulses
  • One single pulse = 10 subtle pulses
opt technology

opt technology

Conventional pulsed intense light shows a decreasing pattern, which makes the clinically effective energy for treatment very close to the energy that causes skin damage. The energy is not easy to control and can burn the skin if you are not careful. However, Micro-pulse technology can successfully address this technical barrier.

A single pulse is divided equally into 10 sub-pulses, each with the same energy. The laser emits quickly and repeatedly without any influence, maintaining a stable and safe energy output.

Machine Features

  • Fast hair removal, fire up to 10 times/second (1-10 HZ), as fast as Diode Laser

  • Lamps imported from Germany, 400000-500000 shots can be reached

  • SHR hair removal is virtually PAIN-FREE

  • Effective for all hair colors and skin types

  • Fast hair removal treatment, just need 15mins

  • Six functions together meet your various needs

  • 640nm wavelength: Hair Removal
  • 530nm wavelength: Skin Rejuvenation
  • 530nm wavelength: Pigmentation Therapy
  • 480nmwavelength: Vascular Therapy
  • 690nm wavelength: Acne Therapy
  • 590nm wavelength: Wrinkle Removal
IPL SHR hair removal machine

IPL SHR OPT Hair Removal Machine Applications

According to the unique functions of every specific wavelength, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne elimination, skin condition improvement and other effects can be achieved.

IPL SHR hair removal machine

Machine Parameters

Power 3000W
Energy 1~ 50 J/cm2
Frequency 1~ 10 HZ
Lamp shots 400000 ~ 500000 shots
Treatment size 15*50mm
Wavelength 480nm, 530nm, 590nm, 640nm, 690nm
Cooling system Water + Wind + Semiconductor + Cooling gel
Temperature of handpiece -5°C ~ 5°C
Voltage AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Package weight 62kg
Package size 113 * 63 * 45cm

Treatment Before And After 

IPL SHR Hair Removal MachineIPL SHR Hair Removal Machine
IPL SHR Hair Removal MachineIPL SHR Hair Removal Machine
IPL SHR Hair Removal MachineIPL SHR Hair Removal Machine
IPL SHR Hair Removal Machine

Machine Video

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