Project Description

Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine 

  • Used for different colors of tattoo removal
  • Different kinds of pigmentation removal
  • Age spot, birthmark, and vascular removal
  • Skin rejuvenation, whiten, pores tightening
  • No pain, side effect, and down-time

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Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Working Theory

ND YAG Laser is proven to be the most effective way to remove tattoos, which emits laser to reach deep into the layers of the dermis. The pigments within the skin absorb the energy and explode sharply, bursting into tiny pieces, thus be removed. 

Q Switched Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

The tattoo needs different wavelengths to clear various colors. No single laser wavelength can remove all tattoo colors. Usually, we use 1064nm and 532nm to treat tattoo colors,  1320nm to repair skin.

  • 1064nm wavelength: remove deep colour pigments like black, blue, scarlet red, deep coffee, etc.
  • 532nm wavelength: remove light colour pigments like shallow red, brown, pink, etc.
  • 1320nm wavelength: professional for skin rejuvenation, blackhead removal, skin whitening, etc.

BESTVIEW is one of the professional tattoo removal machine suppliers in China. Our tattoo removal products are certified for safety in many countries, such as FAD, CE, etc.

Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine handle
Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine probe

 Advantages of Nd. YAG Laser

  • 3 types of laser(532nm / 1064nm / 1320nm), suitable to all colors and tattoos.
  • High outputpower can reach up to1600mj, but other lasers only1000mj
  • This laser can fireup to 10 shots per second and the treatment is much faster. But the normal laser is only 1-5Hz or 6Hz.
  • Spot size can be adjusted through focus adjustment lens 1~7mm
  • Three treatment tips optional, meet your various treatment requirements
  • No injury to skin and follicle; no risk of scarring.
  • No downtime and interruption of routine activities, no side effect.

Q-Switched Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Applications

  • Tattoo
  • Black Doll
  • Nevus of Ota
  • Hollywood peeling
  • Freckle
  • Birthmark
Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine application

Q-Switched Nd. Yag Laser Parameters

Power 2500W
Wavelength 532nm, 1064nm,1320nm
Pulse duration 10ns
Frequency 1~10Hz(adjustable)
Spot diameter 1~7 mm(adjustable)
Energy 20~1600mj(adjustable)
Screen 10.4-inch color touch LCD display
Voltage 110/220V, 50/60HZ
Package size 57*53*61cm
Package weight 30kg

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