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CO2 fractional Laser CO2 fractional Laser

10600nm CO2 Fractional Laser Machine:

1. Best brand “USA-Synrad” Laser.

2. Germany imported Mini-Stepping-Motors.

3. Fractional mode&Pulsed mode, meet your different needs.

4. South Korea imported 7- joint articulated arm with a good lens.

5. High-quality power supply, ensuring effective power and better treatment effect.

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Working Theory of CO2 Fractional Laser Machine:

Target tissue skin becomes dark and aged before treatment. Use the laser to scan and treat target tissue, heat can be transmitted from the superficial skin to the dermis. Traumatic holes and holes between the normal tissue to produce thermal bridging, start the skin trauma repair mechanism(Inflammatory stage, proliferative phase, remodelling stage). Produce a large number of collagen new to the skin frame structure reconstruction, facial contour sculpture, wrinkles disappear, delicate skin texture, acne soothing effect.

CO2 Fractional Laser Machine

Advantages of CO2 Fractional Laser Machine:

  • Fractional mode (aesthetic) & pulse mode (surgery) can meet all the needs of beauticians and plastic surgeons.
  • South Korea imported 7 articulated arms with good quality lenses.
  • Germany imported Mini-Stepping-Motors of the best quality in the arm, which makes the laser shoot faster, the energy is much more uniform and stable.
  • High-quality constant current and constant voltage power supply, ensuring a stable and continuous power supply for the machine.
  • Unique design scanner head as your choice.
CO2 Fractional Laser Machine

Fractional co2 laser treatment:

  • Skin resurfacing: Rough skin, coarse pores, dark skin, light damage, etc.
  • Wrinkles removal: Crow’s feet, headlines, Sichuan characters, decree lines, etc.
  • Pigment remove Pigmented nevus, epidermal pigmentation.
  • Epidermis cutting: All kinds of warts.
  • Scar repair: Acne scar, hypertrophic scar, burn scar, sunken scar, etc.

 Machine Parameters:




1~ 60W

Scanning scope

MAX 20mm*20mm

Spot diameter

100um ~ 2000um

Scanning mode

In order, disorder, midsplit

Mode of treatment

Fractional mode, Pulse mode

Scanning graphics

Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Hexagon,Straight line

Beam delivery

Articulated 7-joint arm with up to 360° rotation

LCD screen

8” touch screen


220/110 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Package size

101*50*57cm(equipment), 80*37*19cm(accessory)

Package weight

57.55kg(equipment), 5.35kg(accessory)

Fractional co2 laser before and after pictures:

CO2 Fractional Laser Machine

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