CO2 fractional laser is very good in the skin resurfacing treatments, especially for the stretch marks removal, scar removal, wrinkle removal.  In this post, we will share what skin problems that the fractional CO2 laser can treat.

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Principle: The CARBON dioxide dot matrix laser emits a laser with a wavelength of 10600nm and targets water in the skin tissue. There is a certain amount of thermal stripping, more thermal solidification, and obvious thermal effect at the laser penetrating position. The thermal effect causes the contraction of collagen fibers, thermal coagulation, and thermal peeling to form minimally invasive pores with a diameter of about 0.12mm and a depth of about 2-4mm.

At this time, the post-traumatic pores and the normal tissues between the pores generate thermal bridging, which initiates the skin wound repair mechanism and generates a large amount of collagen, thus enabling the dermal framework structure to be reconstructed and the scar to be healed.

CO2 dot matrix laser is more effective than other laser technologies such as Er: YAG, non-stripping dot matrix laser, dye laser, and Q-nd: YAG in treating scars, especially the gold standard for treating post-acne scars.

Technical advantages and Characteristics:

1) Selectively apply to the diseased tissue without affecting the normal skin tissue

2) Safe operation, short treatment time and no impact on normal work and life

3) The effect of removing scars is good, and the obvious effect can be seen after one treatment

What skin problems can hyperpulsed CO2 dot matrix laser treat?

CO2 dot-matrix lasers play a more important role in the repair of post-acne scars, including early intervention, avoidance of atrophy, and wound healing. Suitable for removing all kinds of scars, such as fresh wound healing, acne concave scar, softening scar tissue, hyperplastic scar, surgical scar, plane pigment scar, dent scar, release burn scar, white hair bright scar, pigmentation scar, etc.

Super pulsed CO2 laser has a fairly accurate skin grinding effect, through which the epidermis can be removed, the photobiological effect and thermal effect of laser on the dermis can be used to stimulate or damage the dermis, start the skin repair mechanism, stimulate the hyperplasia of dermis collagen and recombination, to achieve a better effect of wrinkles. In the process of grinding the epidermis, all kinds of photoaged pigment damage can be removed, such as seborrheic keratosis, solar keratosis, actinic pigmentation. The thermal effect of a laser can also close the telangiectasia in the superficial layer of the dermis, and finally improve and eliminate telangiectasia.

Can we go out after super pulsed CO2 dot matrix laser? Does it affect your normal work?

  • Recommended downtime: 5-7 days, one week after surgery
  • A course of treatment: 3-6 months of treatment once, after 1 to 2 treatment, can achieve a relatively satisfactory effect, for severe scar, the effect is proportional to the number of treatment.

Notes after treatment:

1. Avoid direct sunlight after surgery, and pay strict attention to sunscreen. It is recommended to use SPF40 or 40 times sunscreen. If you feel uncomfortable, please use ice packs as appropriate. Follow the doctor’s advice to moisturize the wound. Use medical dressings to repair the wound and keep it moist. As far as possible to keep out of the sun, if you need to go out, it is recommended to wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and other sunscreens, that is, strictly do sunscreen work.

2. Scratching, rubbing, and scrubbing are prohibited at the wound surface so that the scabbed skin falls off by itself.

3. Do not wash your face within 24 hours after surgery, and avoid a hot bath and bath within 2 days after surgery, otherwise, it will increase discomfort. A mild cleanser can be used to wash the face 2 weeks after the operation.

What does the super pulsed CO2 dot matrix laser feel like?

Lattice ultra pulse CO2 laser surgery need to apply the anesthetic 1 hour, treatment time in half an hour or so, everyone to the feeling of pain, patients complain of finished lattice laser whole face smartly, ice compress the mask after about 30 minutes, obviously relieve symptoms, three hours after, although very red, but no pain.

Do CO2 dot-matrix lasers scab? How long does it take?

CO2 dot matrix laser is a minimally invasive laser treatment technology, which reduces the side effects of the previous exfoliating laser. The mode of action changes from large areas to local effects. The minimally invasive treatment is only performed on the focal area of the skin without affecting other normal skin tissues, which is more accurate and safer. However, the CO2 dot matrix laser is still an exfoliating laser, and there will be a scab period after treatment. Generally, the scab will be formed 48-72 hours after the operation. After about 3-6 days of treatment, the scabbed skin at the small white spots will begin to fall off, and the skin will return to its normal appearance.

Who is not suitable for dot-matrix lasers?

1) Scar constitution, people with keloid, that is, hard red nodules appear on the skin after trauma or inflammation stimulation, hard and itchy.

2) Beauty seekers who take retinoids orally need to stop taking them for some time before starting dot matrix laser therapy because retinoids will cause scar healing of wounds.

3) To avoid bigger and bigger holes, pointed and conical acne scars are suitable for surgical incision of acne pits first, and then CO2 dot matrix laser treatment after wound healing.