There are only ten days left for the first month of 2021. Did you make your plan for 2021?  If no, we suggest that you’d better make a serious plan for 2021. Since the awful 2020 has passed, and 2021 will be a recovery year.

What is your top one word for 2020? I guess many people will say LOCKDOWN.  Yes, many countries lockdown their cities because of the COVID19. As a result, shops, spas and many other service stores closed. 2020 was challenging; however, the opportunity is behind the panic. It gives you more time how to boost the business after this period.

For example, it’s time to update your diode laser hair removal machine. 

The diode laser machine is now the most popular laser hair removal machine. It can remove the hair painlessly and permanently. We have below the diode laser hair removal machine recommended for you.

Diode laser hair removal machine


Portable And Vertical Triple Wavelength Diode Laser Machine

Portable 3 wavelength laser hair removal machine

Triple Wavelength Diode Laser Machine Features

  1. Integrate three wavelengths into one equipment- 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm.
  2. 15mm*15mm or 20mm*20mm spot size, and you can choose as per your needs.
  3. The laser generator fire up to 50 million shots.
  4. Since the laser can penetrate directly into hair follicles, it prevents energy loss.
  5. Intelligent software mode (with pre-programmed parameters) and advanced mode available.
  6. The first and only manufacturer that has a “Medical CE Certificate.”

Machine Applications:

  1. Perfect for all skin types from type I to type VI.
  2. Apply for all hair types, such as thick, thin, black, gray, blond, brown.
  3. Adapt for almost all body areas like the scalp, legs, armpits and pubic regions, etc.

Please view the application details on the triple diode laser hair removal machine product page.

Machine Videos:


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    1200W Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Features

    The 1200 W diode laser machine is professional for hair removal.

    1200W diode laser hair removal machine

    Below are the features:

    1. High output power 1200W provides sufficient and stable energy to achieve a better treatment effect.
    2. Best quality “USA-COHERENT” imported laser generator.
    3. Italy imported a high-pressure water pump.
    4. Twelve best-quality laser bars imported from “USA-COHERENT.”
    5. Equipped with a special Skin Cooling Plate, it can cool down in time to bring customers a comfortable treatment experience.
    6. Big spot size 30mm*30mm for fast hair removal of all hair colors and skin types.
    7. Painless and Permanent result.


    1200W Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine


    Multifunctional Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

    This machine integrates diode laser, SHR Nd Yag laser, so it has about 12 applications as below image:

    diode laser shr nd yag laser applications